About Position Spider

Position spider is a web application for checking keyword positions in the search engines. It automatically records positions on daily basis and, in addition, it enables weekly and monthly summaries.

Analyzing the positions of keywords

No manual check needed for checking the statistics of the positions in the search engines: google.si, google.com, google.us, google.co.uk, google.de, google.hr, google.it and najdi.si. Position spider is a fully automatic tool that works across servers and does not burden your servers or computers.

Manual check on certain keywords

If you are analyzing a website and need the positions immediately and only once, the manual check is a great option! Enter the keywords and the website, and the program immediately starts checking and writing down the positions of the desired keywords.

Plotting graphs

The tool plots graphs and tables of the positions, so you can quickly see what the situation is like in a longer period of time.


All data can be exported to Microsoft Excel format, which you can use for further processing or presentation.

Weekly and monthly reports

To be on track, you can set the reports in PDF format. You can set your company logo to the reports. Summaries are also suitable as reports for your clients.

Access from anywhere

You can access the Position Spider tools with your username and password through your browser, which means you can get the data needed virtually anywhere where there is a computer and Internet access.