Terms of Use

General Terms of Use of Web Application Position Spider

General terms of use of Position Spider tools have been prepared in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, the recommendations of the Chamber of Commerce and international codes for e-commerce.

Position Spider is a web application designed to monitor keyword positions in different search engines. It is operated by Miha Lavtar DBA Optiweb (operator later in text).

The user is the person who uses the online application. Upon payment or free registration the visitor receives a user name and a password. By registering, the visitor becomes a user.

Licenses and restrictions

In accordance with the terms of use Optiweb provides to the user a limited personal license for the use of Position Spider tools. It is allowed to use the web application Position Spider for commercial purposes. Optiweb can offer a free trial license for a limited or unlimited time, or a license to  subscribe to Position Spider tools.

Position Spider should not be used for any illegal or malicious activities. The user agrees that the access to Position Spider tools and its data will not be shared with a third party. Any user intervention or modification of any part of the Position Spider is also prohibited.


The user pays a rent for the use of the web application Position Spider. The amount of monthly fee depends on the interval of payment. The prices are published in the price list on the website www.positionspider.net. Payment is done on the quote which has been sent to the email address of the user.


We respect the privacy of users. Personal information will be used only for purposes of information related to the web application Position Spider and in no case will it be passed to a third party, except in the event of a justified court claim.

Position Spider uses the tracking of users in order for it to run. This includes the so-called session cookies, which are necessary for identifying the users and logging them in the web application.

The operator has the right to publish in any medium.any questions regarding the running, problems and conditions, asked by the users.


The user’s passwors for access is stored in an encrypted form on the server and is not available to the operator. Password protection is the responsibility of the user, the operator will not be liable for any damages resulting from user’s failure to meet the security obligations.

Optiweb seeks to ensure full technical operation of the website and Position Spider tools. Optiweb is not be liable for any direct or indirect damage and inconvenience that the user may suffer due to the possible technical problems or downtime.

The operator agrees that in the event of changes in the search engines, which would result in limited functioning, non-functioning or malfunctioning of queries in the system, the operatior will begin to change and adapt the application at the latest within 24 hours from the moment of becoming aware of any disorder or malfunction. The same obligation applies to the operator in other cases the disruption in the operation of the system occurs.


Optiweb reserves the right to change the conditions for users and  the pricing. Users will be informed about any change via e-mail at least one month before the change. If the user agrees with the changed conditions, the use may continue. In case of disagreement, the user can terminate the lease.

Final provisions

The user and the operator agree that all disputes will be solved by amicably communicating with each other. In the event of failure of reaching an agreement, the dispute will be settled by the competent court under the law of the Republic of Slovenia.